Friday, May 29, 2009

Thank You!

More than $42,000! Thank you East Texas.

14th Hour 12x12 winner

Our 7 o'clock 12x12 winner is Emerson Swoape. Thanks so much for all the donations that have come in today.



Kim Barnett stopped by with her 3 beauiful daughters - Kenzie, Kierstin and Brooke. Brooke is a miracle baby from right here in Mineola. She's been diagnosed with Juveniile Rheumatoid Arthritis and is a patient of the special needs clinic at Trinity Mother Frances! Your donations to Children's Miracle Network help to make sure that she has the necessary equipment to treat her. PLEASE DONATE TODAY! It's easy! Just call 903/569-1999.


Shelby Hooks from Mineola makes her annual donation! Saving your pennies all year really adds up! You can make a difference too ! Just call 903/569-1999! Remember EVERY PENNY COUNTS AND EVERY PENNY STAYS RIGHT HERE IN EAST TEXAS!

13th Hour 12x12 Winner

Our 6 o'clock 12x12 winners are Kathie and Timothy Hubbard from Hawkins. Congratulations to them. We thank them for the donation.

12th Hour 12x12 winner

The 5 o'clock winner from our drawing of 12x12 donations is Deers Extermination from Quitman. Thanks so much to Deers Extermination and to all of our contributors.

11th Hour 12x12 Winner

The 11th hour winner for the 12x12 donation is Katrina Buth. Thank you to Katrina for her donation.


Watch the video of Mary Elizabeth Jackson getting dunked! Mary Elizabeth is the president of Children's Miracle Network. $1600 was raised for her to climb up in the booth! She graciously agreed! Oh! Yea! Did I mention that she was in a business suit? Complete with hose, high heels and PEARLS!!! INCREDIBLE! It's already been a great day here at the 11th Children's Miracle Network Radiothon! It could be so much better with your donation! PLEASE call today - 903/569-1999! Remember 100% of your donations stay local to help our children!

Thank you Mary Elizabeth!


Judy Walters came by with Gunner this afternoon for a visit. Judy testified to the true value of Children's Miracle Network. Gunner was born with congenital defects that cause severe seizures. Children's Miracle Network has provided many services and equipment that have helped over the course of Gunner's life. Your donation can help keep those services and equipment in place as well as to help provide new needed equipment! PLEASE CALL TODAY - 903/569-1999! Don't wait - PLEASE CALL!

Remember 100% of your donation stays local to help our EAST TEXAS Children!


Bob Hyzer, 1 of the managers of Chili's in Lindale, stopped by to make a donation. Every Monday in May was "Give Back Night" at Chili's and 10% of their proceeds were donated to Children's Miracle Network! $500 donation! AWESOME! Thank you so much to Chili's AND everyone that ate during the month and contributed!

You can make a donation today by calling 903/569-1999! Please don't wait. The Children of East Texas are depending on you. 100% of your donation stays local! 100%!! 903/569-1999

10th HOUR 12 x 12 WINNER

Congratulations to John Pettis of Ben Wheeler - he is our 3 o'clock winner from our 12 x 12 donations. Just $12 a month for 12 months gets you entered in our drawing! Call now Please! 903/569-1999. We're going into our 11th hour of the radiothon! PLEASE DON'T WAIT! Call now.
Remember that 100% of your donations stays local to help our East Texas Children!

Thanks John for your donation!


Thanks to Holly Brian Mischnick for the homemade ice cream! Nothin better on a hot Friday afternoon at 4 oclock than a heapin bowl of homemade ice cream! Make a donation by calling 903/569-1999 and we might share it with you - MIGHT!

Thanks Holly -


Tommy Joe Wilson stopped by from Nashville to visit with us this afternoon. You can hear Tommy's new song "Tryin to find the sun" on KMOO. Thank you so much to Tommy for spending some time with us this afternoon. A special fan donated $100 to Children's Miracle Network for a chance to dunk Tommy in the dunkin booth and he graciously agreed.

9th HOUR 12 x 12 WINNER

Congratulations to Robert Beare of Mineola. He won our drawing for the 2 oclock hour for a family four pack of Splash Kingdom tickets or a pair of tickets to Schlitterbahn! You can win too by calling in your donation - 903/569-1999! Please call today! 100% of your donation stays local to help East Texas children!

1 o clock 12 x 12 WINNER

Congratulations to Rose Hill Apartments in Mineola. They won our 1 oclock drawing for donating in the 12 x 12 program. Just $12 for 12 months gets your in the drawing! Call today - 903/569-1999!

Thank you to Pam and Glen Thurman for your donation!

GRACIE BURCH - One of our Miracle kids

Stacia Burch brought her miracle daughter by to visit with us this afternoon. Gracie, a beautiful blonde haired, blue eyed 7 year old - is happy and healthy today because of equipment at Trinity Mother Frances made possible by Children's Miracle Network! Your donation today can make sure that other babies like Gracie has the needed equipment to save their lives. Call your donation in PLEASE - 903/569-1999!


A very special thank you to the Builder's Club from Mineola Middle School! They came by and presented a check for $214.40 that they raised at their kool aid stand during waterday. Kids helping kids!!! AWESOME!

A very special thank you to Lori Drennon , the Builder's Club sponsor and her group of girls. Not only did they raise money at school - the girls requested donations here at WalMart for about an hour and came back with their buckets full! Good Work Girls!

You can donate too by calling - 903/569-1999. CALL NOW PLEASE!

David speaks with Aubrey and Gracie's mom, Sara.
Special needs children Aubrey and Gracie of Lindale benefit from respite care made possible through Children's Miracle Network. Respite care gives mom and dad a few hours a week time to recharge knowing their children are in awesome care.

The Noon Hour Winner Karen Musgraves

Karen Musgraves is the noon hour winner of 4 Splash Kingdom Tickets or 2 tickets Schlitterbauhn in New Braunfuls.

Jason's Mom, Patricia

Patricia sat down with Amy and talked about how Children's Miracle Network was such a passion of Jason's. Patricia made the crew her famous homemade brownies. Thanks Patricia!

2009 CMN Child Andrew Parker

David pictured here talking with Andrew and his mother. Andrew was run over by a car at his house in Gilmer. He was flown to Trinity Mother Frances Hospital in Tyler. He greatly benefited from the equipment and moral support provided by Children's Miracle Network. His entire stay was at Trinity Mother Frances Hospital in Tyler. He came home in three days and is a thriving young child. Definitly a miracle!

6th 12 x 12 WINNER

Congratulations Thomas and Mary Williams of Quitman. They are our 11 o'clock winner from our 12 x 12 donations. They made a donation and were entered in our drawing! They won their choice of a family four pack of tickets to Splash Kingdom Water Park or a pair of tickets to Schlitterbahn.

You could win too! Call 903/569-1999 to make your donation! Remember - 100% of your donation stays local to help all of our kids! THANK YOU


Slim Swoape will do ANYTHING for the kids! Including being our first "victim" in this year's dunkin booth. If you would like to make a donation for someone to be in the dunking booth - give us a call - 903/569-1999.

5th 12 x 12 WINNER

Congrats to our 10 o'clock 12 x 12 winner - Joyce Stanley with Kiddin Around in Quitman. Mrs. Stanley came by and made a donation and was entered into our drawing. She won her choice of a family 4 pack of tickets to Splash Kindom Water Park in Canton OR a pair of tickets to Shlitterbahn.

Mrs. Stanley ALSO issued a challenge to other children's clothing stores around KMOO country to make a donation as well!

Thank you Joyce! You are a Children's Miracle Network HERO!

4th 12 x 12 WINNER

Congratulations to Mildred Gaston from Emory! She was our 9 o'clock hour winner of our 12 x 12 donations! She won her choice of a family four pack of Splash Kindom Water Park Tickets or a pair of tickets to Schlitterbahn!

You could win too! Call in your donation to 903/569-1999 and we'll put your name in the drawing! GOOD LUCK AND THANK YOU!


Robin interviewed by CBS 19

CBS 19 from Tyler stopped by to talk with Robin. Tomorrow, the on-air "Celebration begins" and runs through Sunday.
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Children of all ages are donating today! Little Adam Blalock stopped by to make his donation! 100 % of his and your donation to Children's Miracle Network stays locally and helps all of our children. Call today to make your donation - 903/569-1999.


Congratulations to our 8 o'clock 12 x 12 winners - JIM & ANGELA MAYNARD! They signed up for the 12 x 12 donation and were registered into our hourly drawing. They won their choice of a pair of tickets to Schlitterbahn or a family four pack of tickets to Splash Kingdom. THANKS MAYNARDS! Your donation has made a difference some East Texas Children's lives. YOU ARE WONDERFUL! THANK YOU

DAVID SHELLEY - One of our Miracle Children

David Shelley, one of our miracle children came by to visit. David is a 3 year old beautiful baby boy that was born early with a heart murmur. His parents opted for David to have a series of 3 surgeries. He has had 2 of the 3 already. His last surgery will be in August.
Your donations to Children's Miracle Network helps children just like David. 100% of your monies stays right here locally!


The Kiwani's club of Mineola made a check presentation during the 8 o'clock hour in memory of Jason Hightower. THANK YOU!


Second Hours' 12 x 12 Winner -
Congratulations to Tiffany Tunnell - our 7 o'clock winner! You can be a winner too! Call 903/569-1999 and you can be entered into this hours drawing! You could win a pair of tickets to the #1 rated water park in the world - Schlitterbahn OR a family 4 pack of tickets to Splash Kingdom Water Park in Canton. CALL NOW PLEASE!

CMN Silent Auction

Our Silent Auction is up and running with items such as autographed CD's and photos from country music artists, and athletes, rustic cedar framed crosses, handmade squirrel feeder, metal bar stools, a year supply of Ozarka water, a world famous homemade cake by Ingrid Hightower, and tickets and autographed hockey puck from the Dallas Stars. That's just to mention a few. If you can't come by to place your bid, just give us a call at 569-1999.

First 12X12 Winner

Linda Madsen called during the first hour of our CMN Radiothon and signed up for the KMOO Kids Club...$12 each month for 12 months and in turn won a family four pack of Splash Kingdom Waterpark tickets. You can win too...just call in your donation at 569-1999. A winner will be drawn each hour of our Radiothon until 9pm tonight.

The Texas Cutting Boards are HERE!

'Just like clock-work, it was 6:45 a.m. when James MaddoxJ&M Custom Countertops showed up with several boxes full of Texas-shaped cutting boards.

Those of you who have donated in the past know about these cuttings boards and if you don't, here's your chance. Make a 12-by-12 and we'll give you one of these cool boards. Come by and pick one out or call us and we'll hold one for you!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Radiothon 2009!

It's finally here! The Radiothon 2009 gets underway at 6 a.m. tomorrow. Come by and support CMN by making a donation. Help local kids right here in East Texas!